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Ginnah Howard’s “Doing Time Outside” reviewed in Hudson Valley News

“I’ve recently been reminded that I spoke in my column a while ago about a first novel, “Night Navigation” by Hudson Valley denizen, Ginnah Howard, who “taught English for 27 years before the river air inspired her to become a writer.” She reminded me of this when she sent me her new novel, “Doing Time Outside” (Standing Stone Books, Syracuse, New York, $17), a stand-alone sequel to her first novel. A three-generational family “welcomes” home a “problem” boy from jail. His mother, Carla, promises bail if he behaves. His grandmother, Angela, wants to find him the best lawyer. And his sister, Tess, works hard at her summer internship working with chimpanzees, thinking they “might be a key to understanding some of the strange behavior of her own family” – and hoping her work will lead to a job at a faraway zoo. Will Rudy make it? He gets out of jail, finds a sort-of-job, but his family’s constant surveillance drives him bats. What will the next phone call bring in the way of news? Ginnah Howard will be making appearances in the Hudson Valley soon; we’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, give this book a whirl. It’s a fine story.” Ann La Farge, Hudson Valley News

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