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by Adam Rozum

Adam Rozum’s book on logos should be read by all teachers and students of design. The book demonstrates how a rigorous design aesthetic, combined with an equally strong sense of client empathy, can lead to an elegant design solution that captures, in a single mark, an organization’s essential character.


Adam Rozum is one of the finest logo designers in the nation. As a consultant to organizations that have been lucky enough to engage him, and as his client, I am always amazed, but not surprised, how his logos serve as a catalyst to organizational transformation. Adam quickly and artfully grasps the contextual environment of the organization and brings to life a logo and image package, grounded in the organization’s essence. His powerful work in logo design and image development, simply changes how people inside an organization think about themselves, how others perceive the organization’s mission, and then best of all, how others engage with an organization as a result of the dynamic communication. Whether he is working with a small non-profit or a large multi-national company, you can count on Adam to raise the level of the conversation and ignite the imagination.” -Vally Kovary, MBA/MA, Principal, International Planning Associates

Adam Rozum’s visual identity work is reliably elegant and tasteful. He has the ability to convey complex ideas simply. His concise, clean logo designs always communicate the organization’s core message. Adam also has the requisite technical ability to keep up with the latest requirements in digital design—I would trust him with any design project—in any medium.” – Robert Colley, Executive Editor , Stone Canoe, Syracuse University

Adam’s ability to distill the key message and visually present an idea is exceptional. He is able to build on the existing “brand” while providing a new and innovative perspective.” – Mary Kate O’Brien, Director of Communications and Media Relations, Syracuse University School of Architecture