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Birds of Wonder

By Cynthia Robinson

Set among the hills and lakes of upstate New York and told in six vibrantly distinct voices, this complex and original narrative chronicles the rippling effects of a young girl’s death through a densely intertwined community. By turns funny, fierce, lyrical and horrifying, BIRDS OF WONDER probes family ties, the stresses that break them, and the pasts that never really let us go.

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Scotland and the Hebrides

By Robert Colley

This collection of stunning color images of Scotland’s glens, lochs, towns and cities is an American photographer’s homage to the beauty of his ancestral homeland.

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What Enters the Mouth

By Sarah Jefferis

“These are fearless poems–a reckoning of the violences of girlhood rendered with grit and clarity. What Enters the Mouth is a brave collection that wrestles with loss and pain, and strides beautifully into a power and wildness of womanhood that refuses to be contained.” – Ansel Elkins

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alaskanCoverAlaskan: Stories from a Great Land

Written over the course of a quarter century by one of Alaska’s best living writers, these two dozen stories embody the spirit of Alaska—stories based on history, headlines, and experience; stories about Alaska’s colliding cultures, its magnificent beauty, and its dangerously unforgiving environment. Must reading for Alaskans and anyone interested in, and brave enough to embrace, the Great Land. A perfect traveling companion!

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ColDamCoverCollateral Damage

by Alice K. Boatwright

In these three linked novellas, Boatwright explores the lasting effects of the Vietnam War on people living in its shadow – both those who fought and those who didn’t.

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by Elizabeth Twiddy

Haunted by the surge and aftermath of eros, yet buoyed by an empathy for all she encounters, Twiddys’ poems are a fearless exploration of the noise and deafening silence that can surround our deepest loves.

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by Adam Rozum

Adam Rozum’s book on logos should be read by all teachers and students of design. The book demonstrates how a rigorous design aesthetic, combined with an equally strong sense of client empathy, can lead to an elegant design solution that captures, in a single mark, an organization’s essential character.

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MargauxTessa_CoverMargaux and Tessa in Paris

by Connie Carroll

A whimsical and gorgeously illustrated tale of the magical adventures of best friends Margaux, an imaginative tiger cat, and Tessa, an earnest fieldmouse, whose mutual love of the ballet leads to a fanciful balloon ride to Paris, where fun and frolic abound.

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NewsFromCoverNews from the World at My Birth

by Peter Weltner

Set in the era of World War Two, Weltner’s narrative poems evoke a time and people whose stories, charged with erotic intensity and pain, speak to how the passions and struggles of past generations still haunt us today.

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DoingTimeCoverDoing Time Outside

by Ginnah Howard

Compelling, gritty and funny, DOING TIME OUTSIDE travels the back roads of family life to better understand what it means to be tied by blood and love to the world of mental illness, addiction and incarceration

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RwandaCoverSpaces of Everyday Rwanda: The Rwanda Picture Project

edited by Yutaka Sho

SPACES OF EVERYDAY RWANDA captures the collective emotional experience of a number of first-generation Rwandan architecture students who are engaged in a collaborative project to reshape their environment and rebuild their war-torn country.

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ConjurerCoverThe Conjurer

by Jennifer Pashley

“Jennifer Pashley is a phenomenal young writer with perfect pitch for the messy world we all live in now. THE CONJURER is riddled with romance and terror, anxiety and mystery, threat and uneasy relief. All our frailties are on view—beautifully observed, served with the utmost generosity and largeness of heart, seen with the smartest eyes. She deserves an award for writing like this.”—Frederick Barthelme

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BEFORE_thumbBefore Our Eyes: Inside the Changing World of Book Publishing

edited by Robert Colley

“The inquisitive minds responsible for BEFORE OUR EYES do justice to our most essential medium—here is both a study and a celebration of the book.”—Michael Signorelli, Editor, HarperCollins

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